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5 Jupiter In Virgo Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays!


As we enter the last weeks of the year we officially feel the warmth of abundant Sagittarius Season. The term eat, drink & be merry seems to match the energy of Sagittarius who only wishes to expand & bring good cheer wherever he goes.


This makes sense of course since Sagittarius’ patron planet is Jupiter also know as Zeus, King of the Heavens, the largest planet in our solar system!  Jupiter in the skies shows us how to be optimistic, abundant, generous & confident. He’s the cosmic Santa Claus who rains down sweeping energy wherever he goes. Keep in mind that Jupiter does not discern between positive or negative, that’s not his immediate concern. His main goal is to amplify and enlarge whatever he touches.


This year however Jupiter finds himself in a sign that he generally can’t stand: Virgo. Virgo is the antithesis of all the things Jupiter represents. Where Jupiter wishes to expand and multiply, Virgo wishes to edit and simplify. Where Jupiter wants to feel optimistic, Virgo scans with practical cynicism. To say that this is an unnatural fit would be an understatement. Jupiter in Virgo will be guiding this holiday season with a steady practical hand. Virgo will rein in Jupiter’s need to go too big & too hard with a more measured, useful response to gift giving & celebrating. Here are some tips to make the best of Jupiter in Virgo while you shop & make plans to finish off 2015.


Keep Gift Giving Sensible

Extravagant gifts with little purpose won’t be favored this year. Jupiter in Virgo is more concerned with gifts that make sense. While you shop whether its for food or for gifts, keep in mind what would best serve.


Virgo loves to be of service, finding exactly what is needed in a particular moment. So maybe buy a little less for the big holiday meal because you know the leftovers tend of go to waste and you’re trying to cut back on extra calories to meet your new body goals (Virgo rules diets & health regimes). Buy a few more socks, sweaters & mittens because you know winter is going to be bitterly cold.

Maybe you’ve heard someone mentioning they needed new tires or an oil change, or a new set of dishes or pots and pans. Keep your senses attuned to what your loved ones say they need as opposed what they think they want.

* Want to be super efficient in your shopping? Simply ask loved ones to create their top 5 wishlist (Amazon comes to mind). This will take the guesswork out of the process while making sure their needs are met.

* Go a step further with practical gift cards that allow them to buy exactly what they need.


Keep It Clean

Virgo is the master analyst, she’s great at assessing what is needed versus what isn’t. Remember Virgo is the sign that marks the beginning of the harvest season. After a raucous summer she turns her mind toward what’s needed to get through the colder harsher months ahead.

Nothing screams winter like cold and flu season. It’s almost a guarantee that the sniffles will visit upon a household, so why not get ahead of it with some stocking stuffers to keep everyone’s immune system up to snuff. Virgo is also an adept healer who is concerned with keeping the body in glowing health.

Some great gifts could run along the lines of herbal teas & tinctures, humidifiers, air purifiers, essential oil sprays & natural hand sanitizers.

*Take it a step further by booking spa days, acupuncture sessions, massages or even gym memberships. Anything to keep the mind-body connection balanced as we enter the darker days of winter.


Get Organized

It may not sound exciting or glamorous, but another gift that would totally suit Jupiter In Virgo’s style is to offer to help loved ones get organized. Notebooks to jot down notes, premium apps and gadgets to keep information streamlined, gifting them a financial planner, or maybe a coach to help them hit a certain goal they’ve been dreaming about for some time. You could even offer to help them tackle that closet filled with clothes they never wear or that drawer that’s overflowing with old papers.

*Go super Virgo, by sending unneeded clothes, shoes, and books to the nearest thrift store, salvation army, or used bookstore so it can go on to be of use to someone else. A win-win for everyone!


Hand-make it with Love

Not interested in spending a great deal this holiday season? Why not go handmade? If you have a flair for creating things Jupiter in Virgo appreciates the effort & care that goes into thoughtfully creating a custom piece with someone in mind. Pure intention can really elevate a simple gift into a magical space.

*Not feeling tremendously crafty? That’s alright, there are tons of wonderfully talented artists & craftsman for you to choose from all over the country. Try getting into the #BlackOnBlackFriday #blackowned #buyblack hashtags on social media platforms to explore.


Go Gift-less

If there was ever a year to go giftless this would be it. Jupiter in Virgo will attune our spirits to the real meaning of service. True service can be an act of love. When we heighten our senses to pay attention our loved ones and communities we instinctively know how to show that we care by providing acts of service big or small.

When we selflessly give of ourselves,, energetically we receive back what has been given. Consider volunteering at local soup kitchens, shelters, orphanages and senior centers. Donate to your favorite charity, or offer to gift something special to those who are often forgotten during the holiday season.


May your holiday season be heartfelt and bright.