A few months ago, I contacted Janelle for my first natal chart reading after following her on Twitter. On the phone her direct yet compassionate, perceptive, easy-going manner, and contagious laughter put me at ease quickly. It felt wonderful to talk candidly about spiritual experiences and ask questions without feeling like I was being judged. Afterwards I was able to be more open and receptive to very clear signs from my guides, which helped uncover clues from my past which in turn has helped me understand where I come from a bit more. I made another appointment for a second reading after I found out my actual birth time. After the readings, it’s been intense though it’s slowed down a bit which has shown me patient daily dedicated spiritual work is absolutely important for growth and realizing potential. I highly recommend Janelle for a natal chart reading, going to her has helped changed my life for the better and I’m thankful for that. – M.S. Kathya, Photgrapher & Organizer

I worked with Janelle in my Clarion Community Clinic for almost 2 yrs. and can endorse her without reservation. It’s so great to have staff that you really like and trust and who, like Janelle, have great skills and passionately love their work. One of the things I love most about her is the way she interacts with patients. She’s always so warm and friendly and makes them feel so welcome and comfortable……and she would always make them laugh! I marveled at her bedside manner……just amazing…..she’s the real deal! – Geordie Numata Healer, Teacher, & Astrologer


I had never had a natal chart reading before and I was very interested in learning more about myself through astrology. Janelle is very warm and has a great sense of humor. She makes you feel comfortable instantly and breaks everything down so well for a beginner that may not be familiar with the terminology. Since my reading, I’ve paid more attention to my energy and my needs. I even recommended her services to a friend who also received a reading from Janelle. I learned a lot about myself that I knew but needed to hear from someone else. I’m also more confident in my journey. – Whitney H., PR Professional 

I saw Janelle for an acupuncture session to aid with relief of fibromyalgia symptoms and migraines while I was living in NYC. She has a wonderful way about the way she conducts herself and the session. I’d had acupuncture prior to seeing Janelle and had no fears regarding that; however, each practitioner is different. Her gently confident manner assured me that I was in good hands with Janelle. I highly recommend her for acupuncture treatments, she has a great positive energy about her and you can see that she enjoys what she is doing with her life – Jen Foehner, Office Wizard, Level 6


I initially contacted Janelle because I wanted another take on my birth chart. I had received another reading but it felt dark and almost foreboding and I left feeling as if I was almost “doomed” by my chart.

Janelle immediately put me at ease. She is warm and able to offer different perspectives. Her reading still addressed challenging aspects of my chart but, she provided me with ideas and advice about how I can work with these parts of me as opposed to resisting them.

Janelle is knowledgeable and informative and clearly has a great love and passion for her work and great care for her clients. It was amazing to speak to another woman of colour and feel held, supported and understood in my questions and my struggles.

I would highly recommend Janelle’s services and will definitely be booking in with her again. – Tina Zafreen Alam, Expressive Arts Therapist in Training

I had a reading done be Janelle in June and a 3 month follow-up in October. Janelle was very calming and open. Janelle made sure I understood the process of the reading and was willing for me to ask questions about anything that I may not have understood. I wanted to get a reading because I was always curious about it and I had some specific questions. I asked questions about careers and relationships. Janelle was able to help me process some hesitancy I was having about applying for a promotion and kept telling me she saw me being an expert or talking about a topic publicly in the reading.

This actually happened in October when I was asked to speak on a panel. I also received the promotion that I asked about and that Janelle saw as this being a good time for me to apply. Janelle and I talked about other things including me experiencing or having to learn a lesson based on something happening to me in February and then happening again in September. Which if what happened to me in September was the challenge, I’m hoping I passed this time. I enjoyed my reading and am planning on having another one in another 6 months to a year. I’d recommend Janelle to anyone. Just be open and be willing to receive the information. – Itohowo E., Counselor


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a clairvoyant reading with her. This is where I chose to begin my journey, because I needed answers and understanding. This was the first time I ever had a clairvoyant reading. She called exactly when she said she would, and explained the process to me. I found the reading to be very exciting. Her visions and interpretations were accurate and insightful. We all have natural intuition, but the right reader can act as an amplifier, when you find it challenging to hear yourself.

Janelle was able to articulate things to me that my body has been struggling to tell me. There is much relief in just being able to understand what’s going on internally, and how it manifests. Throughout the course of the reading, Janelle answered any questions I had, and was very warm. Her energy was unmistakable, as it seemed she was excited to read me. Prior to my reading, I was feeling so vulnerable, and in need. Janelle came along and held my hand – Suraiyah O., Comedian


Janelle reminded me to take time for self-care, as well, and to be more conscious about my interactions with my family and friends. Janelle was aware of a wide range of personal things that are going on in my life and my family’s life — there’s no way she could have known about these things — which to me is a testament to her intuitive nature. She told me that based on my charts, I would soon be experiencing the fruits of my labor and would find a new job that satisfies my career requirements and brings more financial resources into my life. She gave me some new tools and a caring kick in the butt to really re-energize myself spiritually and socially. I’ve incorporated several into my life permanently (writing a page or two each day; meditating) and I hope to keep growing. I recommend Janelle without reservation — she’s awesome! As it turns out, a few months after my session with Janelle, I was hired full-time at a truly fantastic company that I respect at a salary that I deserve  Christopher Carbone, Writer & Editor 


All in all, Janelle is professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. She cares about what she does, and she delivers quality astrology readings. She offers concrete follow-up tasks, and is very open to various questions. I highly recommend her!  – Valerie W., – Historian 



1)The whole session was recorded, which is a good idea because there is so much information you need to digest – no way you can remember it all.  

2)The answer to most of lifes’ questions is in the stars and it takes a skilled professional to read
and communicate the answers from your personal chart.

3) Janelle consulted my chart constantly yet she conveyed the information to me like she would an old friend; she came across as professional and trustworthy. – Joyce Marie Wright, Retired 


From the first “Hello” Janelle had my full attention. Her ability to divine comes from her strong spirit and helped me answer some questions that were bothering me. Her attention to detail is astounding and we found common ground immediately. I’m facing some challenges (and more to come) and her light will help me see more clearly and help me stay focused on the task at hand. Please go no further than this website if you are looking for an honest, loving, and thoughtful person to talk to. I am looking forward to my next session with her (after finishing my homework she gave me) as there are things always that we need to be reminded of. Keeping it simple is the key!
Thanks again Janelle and until we speak again….Be well! – Jay Johnson, Online Loss Prevention Specialist 

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