On Death & Love with Venus & Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

December 4th – December 30th

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
― Mark Twain

Picture this, you’re about to be reunited with a long lost love after a lengthy period of being apart. Over the years you’ve gone over all the things you never had the courage to say, and still find yourself struggling to say now. The fear of your deeper feelings not being returned kept you in silence. 


You’re about to cross the street now, you can see your love sitting down waiting for you to arrive, you step out into the street in a daze and your whole life flashes before your eyes as a car screeches and swerves around you. Death is extending out his hand out to greet you and for those few seconds the intense image of all that you’ve ever wanted for yourself in this lifetime becomes abundantly clear. Time stops, Death hurtling towards you seems to strip away all the reasoning, the logic, and the whys that say you cannot be true to your desires. Death makes everything so uncomplicated.


You blink and somehow Death rides away in the car waving “goodbye for now” choosing to give you another day on this green earth. However a part of you has left in that car, you watch as it rides away leaving behind someone more committed to living each moment as if it’s their last. You walk across to meet this person you love, ready to bare your soul for better or for worst. There is nothing to lose but fear.


Welcome to the world of Venus in Scorpio.


Your tasks while Venus is in Scorpio is live and love as if you’re going to die, because you are.

Venus in astrology represents what we desire, who we desire to be and how we want to express love.

The end game for Venus in Scorpio is to live with the kind of intensity that leaves nothing to chance behind walls of fear. Venus in this sign wants to live every moment as if it’s her very last.

Here, Venus operates from a place of feeling rather than reason.

What do you really feel? If you knew without a doubt that tomorrow would be your last day, what would you do? While Venus runs through this sign, find the middle ground between feelings and action, allow the intensity of your feelings to push you to act.


Why So Intense?

When living from a place of raw emotional clarity, life takes on a level of intensity most people may not understand. Time is limited, Death and danger is always waiting around the next corner, not as a harbingers of doom, but of urgency. If you’re going to live, love, lust and die, do it well. Don’t dilly dally. Commit to an action and follow through with passion. Everything else is insignificant. With every experience more awareness arrives to fine tune the desire Venus is seeking. With every fear & challenge that’s overcome Venus feels freer in her ability to love.

She isn’t here to be superficial or particularly light hearted. The truth is when Venus in Scorpio learns to let down the walls of mystery she’s put up out of fear of rejection, she wins.

Venus in Scorpio wants to know that she will loved and accepted for all that she is, even in her darkest moments.


How to handle betrayal?

One thing Venus in Scorpio must understand is that she cannot control anyone else but herself. No amount of pressure, manipulation or seduction can bend anyone to her will and even if they do bend, it doesn’t guarantee their love & devotion to her. Such behavior from her will likely push them farther away.

When faced with betrayal, Venus in Scorpio must tap into what she feels as opposed to trying to figure out how the other person will act in response to her.

There’s a part of her that falsely believes that she’s too much, too intense, unlovable, unwanted and undesired. If she remains unconscious of these underlying beliefs she’ll go about creating self fulfilling prophecies that confirm her fears & keeps her away from what it is that she really truly wants; love, trust and deep soul connections with others.


Magic in the Meltdown

Venus in Scorpio must embrace the need to meltdown as a way of regenerating. Like the phoenix that bursts into flames only to be reborn anew, emotional meltdowns open up opportunities for her to purge dead energy that no longer her serves her. Scorpio is belongs to the water element, an element that tends to absorb external energy easily. Scorpio also a fixed sign that doesn’t move or flow but instead runs deep. Purging out skeletons from the deep only makes for a lighter journey. While Venus is in this Mars ruled sign she’s better served by getting physical. This may be through rigorous exercise like dance, martial arts or good old fashioned sex. Where there is blood, sweat and tears, there is release & healing.
Do you or someone you know have Venus in Scorpio in their chart? Dive into the comment section to talk about your experience of her!

18 thoughts on “On Death & Love with Venus & Scorpio

  1. mssdarling

    This whole post hit no I’m going through and trying to work through at the moment. My Venus is in Sag but there are so many messages and takeaways that I need to mediate on.

    Thank you.

    1. Jaz

      Venus in Scorpio here! This has definitely been my experience. Learning to be unafraid and living a “just press send” kind of life. It really pays off.

  2. Vanita

    Also hit a CHORD with me. Its as if I am in a space of clearing out all the clutter in my life and making my space my own. I am connecting with myself and making sure I do what I truly love and what truly serves me and my soul. Too long I have lived for others, afraid of what they thought of me, trying to keep up airs. It just doesn’t serve me any more.

    1. Janelle Post author

      That seems to be the essence of Scorpio energy, being so attuned to what others needs because knowledge is power & “power” makes us feel safe. But being safe can mean being lonely in our towers. Happy to hear you’re living for you, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Viva

    Just about everything you wrote has happened in the last few days. My natal Venus is in Pisces, but transiting Venus is trine my Moon, Mercury, N. Node, Chiron, and conjunct Pluto. It’s been an introspective time, examining bad habit patterns in relationships, releasing negative energy and notions of inadequacy. Reaching out to an old lover was helpful in an unexpected way. (Venus in Scorpio sextile natal Uranus, maybe?) Anywho, I’m much lighter after letting myself feel my feels. Taking the good vibes into the New Moon.

    Great post!

  4. Simone

    My Venus is actually in Taurus but everything that was said here struck a chord deeply. I’ve always carried a deep feeling of rejection/abandonment in my pursuit of love and relationship. I’ve essentially self-sabotaged myself from experiencing the love and connection I truly desire. Thanks for this post. It clarifies what I’ve been feeling lately! I’m so over always feeling like I’m too much or too intense in love. I want to feel safer wearing my heart on my sleeve.

    1. Janelle Post author

      Thanks for commenting Simone!
      Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite & balance point so there’s something to be said about having similar feelings to this Venus. Sometimes Taurus seeks to possess what it loves so that it feels secure, but we all know love isn’t about possession, but about being free. Good luck in your love adventures, dare to wear that heart on your sleeve <3

  5. Astrochologistdotcom (@Astrochologist)

    Good stuff. Scorpio rules the underground and we as V-scorps do not want to show our hands in any dealings with people. Why? Because we haven’t assessed if your motivations are on the up and up.

    When you pass the smell test. You have access to us. The water element’s mantra is intimacy. Fixed water means stable intimacy. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is one that represents ownership and resources.The irony of this position is that once these goals are reached (intimacy, stability, and yes–ownership) Venus Scorpio becomes uneasy and in a way, bored.
    Some sort of conflict is created to inject some emotional excitement. This is something more easy going Venus signs find exhausting.

    As long as someone is square dealing this placement is super loyal.

    1. Janelle Post author

      Perhaps finding the emotional excitement in other ways rather than through their relationships would be more suitable? Scorpio is Mars ruled so I suppose bringing him into the picture will help balance out the need to inject conflict where it isn’t needed.

  6. Cora

    I loved this!
    I’m a Scorpio and my Natal Venus is in Libra (5th house) but in my secondary progressions Venus has reached Scorpio this year! All of this article has rang truthful to me at this moment in time.
    I have definitely felt the intensity in my love life like never before, but I’m relieved with the advice you’ve given, and in trusting my inner Phoenix! As a Scorpio it’s important to understand and embrace regeneration as one of our many purposes and talents in life,
    Thank you?

    1. Janelle Post author

      Hey Cora!
      Thanks so much for sharing! I love when progressed planets shift signs, we usually feel the change in energy & focus so dramatically. Venus in Scorpio will help you get to the heart of the matter quickly! Good luck in the deep waters!

  7. K

    Hi! My Venus is in Scorpio as well. I’ve been trying to break through my fears of being rejected and heartbroken for a few years now. As I am approaching 30 years old, I figured that my most devastating heartbreak was probably my Saturn return, which happened when I was about 28 1/2. Although I’ve made great strides, I do need some advice. I am currently dating a Venus in Virgo. I have read that our signs should be compatible, and also our sun signs are compatible ( I am a Sag, my lover is a Leo), but my Cancer moon and my lover’s Aquarius moon are so ridiculously different. Although there are so many great qualities, I feel very critiqued and I’m always walking on egg shells, emotionally speaking. I can’t seem to emotionally reach that Aquarius moon, and maybe I never will. But I know as human beings, we are all capable of love. What I’m afraid of, however, is that the unattached Aquarius moon and the critical Venus in Virgo part of my lover is going to pick me apart until I am again, heartbroken. This one seems like the real deal for me, the one I want to be with for a long time, meaning forever. It scares the hell out of me to imagine a break up at this point. Any advice? Do you know anyone who is as unemotional and nitpicky as my love? Then again, the Leo energy is warm and sometimes balances out that coldness. Anything would be appreciated right no as my love? Then again, the Leo energy is warm and sometimes balances out that coldness. Any insight would be appreciated!

    1. Janelle Post author

      Hey Kika,

      It sounds like you’re more watery/emotional compared to your more cerebral/logical partner. Often we draw people into our lives who assist us in balancing out our charts. You teach your partner how to be more intuitive/feeling while they teach you to be more detached. The question is, is this a dynamic that you can handle long term & what needs to shift in order to make it less painful for both of you? Synastry & composite charts can support you in this. I offer those readings if you’re looking to find awareness/options in creating a relationship that works best for both of you.

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