Leo New Moon The Prequel


Leo Season comes roaring onto the scene ready to display its unique blend of drama and creativity. After the raucous energy of the last New Moon in Cancer, this lunation in Leo is sure to not only upstage but set the stage for the swiftly approaching Leo Eclipses. Although this New Moon is in Leo (July 23)  doesn’t quite make the mark for eclipses, being too far away from the Nodes of Fate to be considered an eclipse. Nonetheless there are a few signatures in this chart (July 23, 2017 at 5:46am EDT) that lets us know that this is the prequel, the beginning, the grand opening for what will be taking place on the grand stage come August.

The main themes of this New Moon chart is anger & irritation from the People & big trouble mounting up against the Monarch & the Government.

When we look at timing for events in a chart we can break it down into quadrants. In this case we can say the 1st quadrant is the first week of the month. The 2nd the second week and the 3rd and 4th quadrants are the 3rd & 4th weeks respectively in a New Moon chart.


Mars, Mars, Lots of Mars.

Mars & his reactionary influence is all over this chart in several ways:

  1. New Moon in the 1st House, one of the Houses naturally associated with Aries/Mars
  2. Mars tightly conjoined with the New Moon
  3. Uranus in Aries square to the New Moon & Mars
  4. The natal Mars of the USA conjoined by transiting Venus
  5. The natal Mars of the USA opposed to transiting Saturn

In the 1st House just hugging the Ascendant is the New Moon conjunction at 0° Leo. The Moon in Mundane Astrology signifies the People of the nation. Here in the 1st house it signifies that issues that concern or are related to the people are of importance. The Moon is also angry as she’s conjunct Mars in Leo and also leaving a square by reactionary & revolutionary Uranus in Aries up in the 10th house.

Squares, oppositions and conjunctions are considered afflictions or troublesome in mundane charts, meaning that they bring conflict that will be expressed and hopefully resolved.

In this chart it’s the Moon being focused on herself & her immediate need, think of the First House as the Me, Myself & I, house.

It looks as if the Moon is passionate if not enraged & shocked by whatever Uranus in the 10th is doing.


According to H.S. Green, Uranus afflicted in the 10th signifies:

“…sudden troubles for the Monarch or Government, unpopularity, discontent among the people. There may be changes in government, some defeat…if other testimonies concur, the Monarch may suffer personally or may die.”

When the Sun & Moon are in conflict with Uranus it is unfavorable for Government, signifying confusion and unpopularity, sudden changes & unexpected troubles for the President or ruling body via a miscalculation or poorly considered legislation. Autocratic uses of power, party splits. Danger of strikes and rioting.


Policy Gone Mad

The GOP are teeter tottering with their destiny as they try harder to strip healthcare down to the nuts and bolts. Again it may spell their doom in various ways.

Despite the anger from the populace the chart speaks to legislation getting through but with heavy risks that may come back to haunt the GOP. Whether it’s the mysterious healthcare bill that seems to get worse with every revision or as of today the announcement that trans citizens are no longer welcomed to serve in the military according to the sitting Monarch  President. I expect that more hot takes will come out between now and the next New Moon which will be the big American Eclipse on August 21st that will further inflame the People.


Mercury is Taking Notes, Lots of Notes

Mercury is the planet to watch this month, next month and into September as he entered his retrograde shadow on July 24th and will go retrograde  from 11° Virgo to 28° Leo on August 12th – September 5th. Mercury thrives in Virgo, as he’s able to gather information and sort out the wheat from the chaff, the extraneous from the valuable. We know that astrologically that Mercury visiting the Nodes & the Eclipse degree of 28° Leo will be a significant part of the unfolding story. Many of our eclipse players have planets in and around these Fixed sign degrees so we know that the news will be filled with information that will be up for review. I’d keep an eye on Trump who has Mars & his Ascendant right at these degrees. Perhaps more martial influenced news will come out, just like his recent military announcement.


Mercury, the messenger of the heavens, is sitting just shy of the Solar Eclipse degree that we have coming on Aug 21st. In the 2nd house his focus on discussions around new laws that may affect the revenue & finances of the nation. There are a few things about this that make it seem like despite the support of being in a fire trine with Uranus & Saturn, that the ease afforded in making these policy decisions may wind up being the thing that rebounds on them. For one, both Saturn & Uranus are afflicted. Saturn is in the 5th which again according to Green means:


“…some sorrow or misfortune may overshadow the social side of the nation. High society may be under a shadow; sometimes the death of the Monarch or some great personage causes a period of mourning.”


In looking ahead at what Mercury does in the coming weeks, he goes retrograde opposite Neptune, the planet of illusion, which gives me the notion that we’ll have to discern with Virgo precision & attention to detail, but also we’ll have to  use intuition and all tools available to make sense of the white noise and roaring that we’ll be exposed to. The day Mercury turns forward again will be a Full Moon with the Moon at 13°Pisces conjunct to Neptune just 2 degrees shy of where Mercury went retrograde back in August. So again reiterating that there’s still a huge fog around everything that’s happening currently and how the September Full Moon + Mercury turning direct after reviewing will expose even more. We may not know just how vast this web of chaos is. Not yet at least. But we will.


Venus under Siege

In the New Moon chart Venus is in Gemini in the 11th House of Parliament/Congress. Typically Venus here would signify smooth sailing for Congress, enabling them to push legislation through with approval. However because Venus is involved in a T-Square with both Neptune & Saturn we may see scandals around financial fraud (perhaps more news around Russian financial ties & who else in government may have received a payout or is still on the payroll) as well as restrictions and dips in revenue that reflect how certain policies may negatively influence the economy via businesses & banks.

Venus being under attack can also show up as women suffering as well as the general social & family life of the nation being less than stellar.

Interestingly enough as mentioned earlier in this post, Venus & Saturn in the New moon chart are in direct conversation with the natal Mars ( 21° Gemini)  of the United States which again reinforces issues around finances but also a breach of a promise and loose morals that are unfortunate in regards to finances. Saturn can bring more trouble to the government , difficulties in national life, anger directed to those in power, loss of popularity and again possible death of powerful figure.


Fire moves Fast AF

If it seems like a lot, it’s because it is a lot & there’s still a fair amount that I didn’t focus on. We also have to take into account that sky is literally on fire. In this chart alone we see that 6 planets are in Fire. Fire moves fast, it ignites, it catches on very quickly. It spreads. It may feel like an especially fast month where everyday brings more information to consider & react to.

Take breaks, involve yourself in things that bring pleasure & joy where are you can. It’s still Leo Season so we’re being asked to shine just a little bit brighter so that we can inspire others to do the same. It may demand courage that only a Lion can embody.


Good luck!

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