Full Moon In Gemini: Dreaming A Bit Bigger

Full Moon In Gemini


The Gemini Full Moon that arrives on the east coast at 5:44pm is a doozy. It’s supremely busy with several active T-Squares ( 3 or more planets fighting with each other) and is being ruled by Mercury who is currently tussling heavily with Saturn and Neptune with Jupiter soon to follow.


If you’re feeling a bit fried, tired or overwhelmed, please know that you’re not alone. When the sky is this active, mere mortals like ourselves tend to feel it on some level. If you’re a mutable darling like myself (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) you’re acutely sensitive to the heavens right now. Cardinal dears too (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) are also a bit stressed with the current planetary activity. Take a deep breath and let’s discuss what this Full Moon is asking of us and how to best handle the challenge.


You Mustn’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger Darling’


With the Moon in Gemini hanging out in the 12th house of dreams & undoings, we find ourselves feeling a little frayed and scattered. There’s an overwhelming emotional desire  to see, know, and experience.. If there are any fears building up around engaging your curiosity now is a good time to start putting those fears to the side.


Curiosity is what leads to expansion and growth if we allow to flourish. Moon in Gemini is attuned to dreaming up brilliant ideas while she’s hidden away in the 12th house. There is much for her to learn about her repressed dreams & fantasies, allow her to drift a bit while she gathers useful intuitive information, she’s playing an important role in doing so.


On the other end of Gemini Moon’s scattered reverie are Sun, Mercury and Saturn all hard at work in Virgo’s natural house of dedicated routine. You can imagine that expansive Sagittarius energy is a bit irritated about having to report in for work each day, where’s the fun in that?

The trick is to commit our expansive viewpoints into a daily effort. The dream that you’re gathering with Moon in Gemini is being translated into an aspiration worth working on by Sagittarius in the 6th House.


When a dream is married to its work, a dream quickly becomes a reality


Neptune at the top of the chart is fueling the vision with his mystical fog. We don’t know where the path is leading just yet but it doesn’t matter. Keep plugging away at the dream everyday. People may think your it’s crazy  unrealistic and naive ideal, but that’s none of your business, keep moving anyway.


When working with T-Sqaures like this one, think of it as a table that’s missing a leg. There’s a lot of wobble happening, it needs another leg to create stability and structure. In this case the missing leg is Virgo, with Jupiter in tow to provide guidance.


Virgo’s answer to life is to work at it, analyze the situation and create a plan of action to steadily work towards. Between now and the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11th, commit to an activity that brings your dream closer to tangible earthy reality. Break it down into actionable parts and soon, before your very eyes it begins to take form.

Make sure you make room for it in your life. Virgo loves a clean efficient space to work in. Clear out the clutter in your mind, in your home, or wherever it is that you’ll be creating. Siphon off the excess energy created by the mutable T-Square into daily routines that support efficient work & progress. Write down the clever ideas that emerge in dreamtime thanks to Moon in Gemini, connect to your aspirations and ideals from the Sagittarius Trio and steadily build the dream brick by brick with Jupiter in Virgo’s help. You’re creating a new foundation, make sure it’s solid.


Find Inspiration


The Cardinal T-Square is working on breaking up and breaking down stagnant relationships, associations, wishes and creative endeavours. Boldly pair with powerful, ambitious & serious people, be inspired by the artistic creativity that you see as well as by the risk taking revolutionaries. This Full Moon dares us to go on a journey, to push past fears and outdated ways of thinking and being.

It can be a lot to cope with, being reborn. To balance this T-Square use Cancerian sensitivity to protect yourself and  your burgeoning new identity and dream. Cancer’s hard outer shell will protect the still soft interior from the harsh world. Feel free to retreat while keeping your senses aware of your surroundings. Daydreams & visions will feed the soul while you continue the daily work.


Never fear brave soul, you have everything within you to create something magical. Have a Happy Full Moon!


2 thoughts on “Full Moon In Gemini: Dreaming A Bit Bigger

  1. Andrea

    As a Gemini, I can tell that the full moon is having an effect. I have felt overwhelmed and even confused as so many thoughts & ideas swirl around my head.
    Thank you so much for the guidance to just keep working, keep moving. My dreams need feet!

    1. Janelle Post author

      My pleasure Andrea! This full moon had many of us in confusion just a complete idea/inspiration dump from the heavens into our heads. I hope you wrote down your most pressing thoughts so that you can start to tinker away at them slowly. Jupiter In Virgo is all about that daily routine so its a great time to start building those ideas into something real! Your dreams have feet, lets get them running! <3


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