what is clairvoyance?

Did you know everyone is psychic? Every day, we’re receiving intuitive insight from our environment, without even realizing it. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling to take a different route to work that saves you getting stuck in traffic; sometimes it’s having a person running through your mind for days on end, when suddenly they call you up “just because”. Your intuition may even tell you to do something that seems completely random, like talking to a stranger or exploring an unknown neighborhood, which leads to surprising and magical events.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly (via your mind’s eye) the truth of a particular moment in time. Intuition comes from a place of non-judgment and neutrality – free of fear, guilt or pain – and offers the ability to know that everything in your life is working out as it’s meant to. Existing in that place of alignment allows you to make clear-minded decisions from a place of trust. When I enter clairvoyant trance, I tap into my clients’ energy to offer neutral, clear-sighted insight to best assist their journey. “Wrong” decisions disappear, and are simply replaced by choices, all of which advance your path. Life takes on a different energy altogether, and you become free to live authentically, knowing you’re being guided toward your highest good.

One of my dreams is a world wherein everyone is led by their divine intuition – the great news is that everyone can! That’s why I LOVE teaching my clients the very same powerful meditation and visualization tools I use in my practice. You too can learn to see clearly that which lies before you, and feel absolutely supported in every one of life’s steps. Let’s get started!