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Cancer New Moon: The Rise of The Great American Summer 

Happy belated solstice! I hope your first few days of Summer (or Winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) have been fantastic

If you’ve been following me on Twitter for awhile you know that I’ve been talking about  summer 2017 since this past winter. Repeatedly I’ve mentioned that it’s gonna be eventful and that from the first wave of Eclipses in February all the way through til at least October the noisy unruly energy we’ve been dealing with will get stronger & stronger. Eventually something will have to give.

That brings us to the Cancer New Moon that occurred on June 23, 2017 10:30pm EST. Here we stand in the doorway to the fast approaching run up to the 2nd wave of Eclipses in August.

[Note if you’re looking for a more personal assessment of what this New Moon means for you & your chart, this isn’t the post for you. I highly recommend Chani, Anne, Mecca, Annabel for that kind of content.]

Here I’m going to (nervously) try my hand at some Mundane Astrology. As I linked in my 7 Things That Piss Me Off As Astrologer post, Mundane Astrology studies daily events, the state of the world which includes: politics, economies, agriculture, weather and natural phenomena.

Countries, states, cities and towns all have astrology charts. If there’s a beginning date & a time we can draw up a chart. Typically those charts are accurate representations of said nations, their governments & the people who live there. Now we look at how the current skies are influencing events.

Remember nothing is absolutely set in stone. I’m a firm believer in Free Will. Humans get to decide in what ways they want to work with the energy available to them. I’m always reminded of Ollivander & Harry in the wand shop:

Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember… I think we must expect great things from you, Mr Potter… After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things — terrible, yes, but great.”

Consider the influence of the planets as the wand, & that all of us here on Earth are doing our best to wield it with varying results. We as wand bearers can do great things for better or for worse, it’s ultimately up to us. The wand/planets will do our bidding no questions asked. Make sense?

That brings us to the New Moon & the natal chart of the United States of America. I believe this is the official kick off point for national unrest that will likely last throughout the summer and possibly into the fall.

Mars is up to mischief

Mars planet of action, drive, aggression and war is leaving its mark all over this place.

Let’s list out what he’s up to in order of strength:

Transiting Mars in Cancer conjunct The US Sun In Cancer:

Bernadette Brady’s The Eagle and the Lark said to treat conjunction transits as if the transiting planet is like a Puppet Master, and the planet he touches is who’s strings he’s pulling. In this case the Sun/Ego of the US has been hijacked by Mars. The color of the country is turning red with more incidents of anger & violence bubbling over. For the next 30 days we can expect that to continue.

We may also see a rise in martial/ warlike displays of power. The thing is is that Mars doesn’t really care to be in the sign of Cancer. While the water may cool him off a bit, the changeable nature of the sign makes it difficulty to take action directly. Mars in Cancer may find the nation behaving defensively, snapping at imagined slights, taking everything personally, putting up shields to block out criticism that may injure its feelings. On a good day Mars in Cancer may aggressively protect its borders & its children against harm. But I suppose it matters where those borders lie & who are considered children.

Transiting Mars in Cancer quincunx the natal Sagittarius Rising sign of the United States

Typically we stick with the major aspects in astrology, but the quincunx to the Ascendant seemed notable. (Think of the quincunx like a pebble in one’s shoe. It’s a constant irritation. It won’t stop you from walking a mile, but it’ll make it extremely uncomfortable.)

The nation may appear to be at odds with itself. How it attempts to appear to the world (Worldly, optimistic and generous Sagittarius) is out of line with its Mars in Cancer behavior. This is just an exacerbation of the natal Sun quincunx Ascendant for the US. There is a struggle with how it presents its mask & how we actually function as a nation. Are we really that welcoming of foreign ideas, cultures & people (Sagittarius) or is there an uncomfortable friction with the Sun in Cancer that clings to the familiar, to the past and to home? How does that friction block us from becoming the ideal we set forth to become as a nation. The Shining City on a Hill.

Transiting Mars square to Transiting Jupiter

What do we know about Jupiter? Anything he touches he amplifies, expands, increases in size and energy. With this aspect happening right on top of the US natal Sun and also aspecting the natal Ascendant we know that whatever activities take place will be energized by Jupiter’s touch. Just giving us more more more of whatever we’re manifesting here on Earth.

When we look at the natal chart of the US we see Mars at 21° Gemini, so he’s also busy with transiting Saturn in Sagittarius coming into direct opposition with him. Saturn likes to restrict, condense and block whatever he touches. When we see Saturn and Mars in tense conversation it can speak to frustrations, blocked actions, the kind restriction that makes us either back down or lash out under pressure. On the flip side Saturn – Mars can create opportunities for focused, long term action. So again, how we wave our wands about is important.

New Moon conjunct US Natal Venus & Jupiter.

If we know anything about Venus and Jupiter is that they’re the Greater & Lesser benefics of the sky. Working together with Jupiter being exhalted (a respected guest in Cancer’s sign that is afforded some power and nobility) the pairing promises abundance. There is no denying that the US is an abundant nation, especially when it comes to matters related to Cancer: natural resources, food & water supplies, farmland, real estate etc

There may be a renewal of energy and focus on what we have in abundance. Are we using what we have appropriately? Are resources fairly distributed? How is the economy impacted by the increasing frustration?

Transiting Mercury conjunct US Natal Venus & Jupiter :

Conversation, communication, emotional debates will be fast and furious over the next month. It’s unsurprising that the topic that sets the tone for the coming eclipses may be Health Care. Fittingly enough care & nurturing are themes that Cancer rules over, so we’re right on cue. Heated discussions (remember Mars is throwing gas on the fire) may lead to heated action should the Government ignore the cries of the People. Overall, the Government/Parliament & the King/President are not in good positions for the duration of this New Moon chart. Both Mars and Saturn, the two traditional malefics are in hard aspects to the Sun (President). I would pay special attention to his health & security for the duration of the summer.

There are a few possibilities with this chart that I can see coming about:

  1. The ACHA bill falls apart via lack of votes further frustrating and disempowering the ruling party. Exposing them to ridicule from both their supporters & their opponents.

  2. The bill pushes through and the country is ignited into a fury, complete with protests and possible violence at the blatant disregard shown by elected officials sworn to represent the People (The days leading up to the Full Moon in Capricorn are especially volatile)

  • 2B: there are signatures of a possible death/transition of a notable person. This could also be a stepping down from power & potential disgrace.

  1. The bill pushes through and the People do not react strongly enough to prevent its damaging effects.

As a rule New Moons last until the next New Moon occurs. We can look at the chart like a clock, each degree moving forward gives a sense of time.

Dates that stand out for me in terms of activity:

June 28-30th: may bring some shocking news that emboldens people to react quickly. 

July 9-12th: Issues with the courts, notable figure may transition out of power (Full Moon July 9th is especially hot & irritable, a red flag week!)

July 18-22nd: Another round of frustrations for Congress that may push them deeper into a corner with an irate populace holding pitchforks in hand.

Time will tell and we shall see how well we wave our wands around. Hopefully it won’t be too foolish!

Have thoughts, comments and additional insight? Feel free to drop a comment!