Cancer New Moon: The Rise of The Great American Summer 

Happy belated solstice! I hope your first few days of Summer (or Winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) have been fantastic

If you’ve been following me on Twitter for awhile you know that I’ve been talking about  summer 2017 since this past winter. Repeatedly I’ve mentioned that it’s gonna be eventful and that from the first wave of Eclipses in February all the way through til at least October the noisy unruly energy we’ve been dealing with will get stronger & stronger. Eventually something will have to give.

That brings us to the Cancer New Moon that occurred on June 23, 2017 10:30pm EST. Here we stand in the doorway to the fast approaching run up to the 2nd wave of Eclipses in August.

[Note if you’re looking for a more personal assessment of what this New Moon means for you & your chart, this isn’t the post for you. I highly recommend Chani, Anne, Mecca, Annabel for that kind of content.]

Here I’m going to (nervously) try my hand at some Mundane Astrology. As I linked in my 7 Things That Piss Me Off As Astrologer post, Mundane Astrology studies daily events, the state of the world which includes: politics, economies, agriculture, weather and natural phenomena.

Countries, states, cities and towns all have astrology charts. If there’s a beginning date & a time we can draw up a chart. Typically those charts are accurate representations of said nations, their governments & the people who live there. Now we look at how the current skies are influencing events.

Remember nothing is absolutely set in stone. I’m a firm believer in Free Will. Humans get to decide in what ways they want to work with the energy available to them. I’m always reminded of Ollivander & Harry in the wand shop:

Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember… I think we must expect great things from you, Mr Potter… After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things — terrible, yes, but great.”

Consider the influence of the planets as the wand, & that all of us here on Earth are doing our best to wield it with varying results. We as wand bearers can do great things for better or for worse, it’s ultimately up to us. The wand/planets will do our bidding no questions asked. Make sense?

That brings us to the New Moon & the natal chart of the United States of America. I believe this is the official kick off point for national unrest that will likely last throughout the summer and possibly into the fall.

Mars is up to mischief

Mars planet of action, drive, aggression and war is leaving its mark all over this place.

Let’s list out what he’s up to in order of strength:

Transiting Mars in Cancer conjunct The US Sun In Cancer:

Bernadette Brady’s The Eagle and the Lark said to treat conjunction transits as if the transiting planet is like a Puppet Master, and the planet he touches is who’s strings he’s pulling. In this case the Sun/Ego of the US has been hijacked by Mars. The color of the country is turning red with more incidents of anger & violence bubbling over. For the next 30 days we can expect that to continue.

We may also see a rise in martial/ warlike displays of power. The thing is is that Mars doesn’t really care to be in the sign of Cancer. While the water may cool him off a bit, the changeable nature of the sign makes it difficulty to take action directly. Mars in Cancer may find the nation behaving defensively, snapping at imagined slights, taking everything personally, putting up shields to block out criticism that may injure its feelings. On a good day Mars in Cancer may aggressively protect its borders & its children against harm. But I suppose it matters where those borders lie & who are considered children.

Transiting Mars in Cancer quincunx the natal Sagittarius Rising sign of the United States

Typically we stick with the major aspects in astrology, but the quincunx to the Ascendant seemed notable. (Think of the quincunx like a pebble in one’s shoe. It’s a constant irritation. It won’t stop you from walking a mile, but it’ll make it extremely uncomfortable.)

The nation may appear to be at odds with itself. How it attempts to appear to the world (Worldly, optimistic and generous Sagittarius) is out of line with its Mars in Cancer behavior. This is just an exacerbation of the natal Sun quincunx Ascendant for the US. There is a struggle with how it presents its mask & how we actually function as a nation. Are we really that welcoming of foreign ideas, cultures & people (Sagittarius) or is there an uncomfortable friction with the Sun in Cancer that clings to the familiar, to the past and to home? How does that friction block us from becoming the ideal we set forth to become as a nation. The Shining City on a Hill.

Transiting Mars square to Transiting Jupiter

What do we know about Jupiter? Anything he touches he amplifies, expands, increases in size and energy. With this aspect happening right on top of the US natal Sun and also aspecting the natal Ascendant we know that whatever activities take place will be energized by Jupiter’s touch. Just giving us more more more of whatever we’re manifesting here on Earth.

When we look at the natal chart of the US we see Mars at 21° Gemini, so he’s also busy with transiting Saturn in Sagittarius coming into direct opposition with him. Saturn likes to restrict, condense and block whatever he touches. When we see Saturn and Mars in tense conversation it can speak to frustrations, blocked actions, the kind restriction that makes us either back down or lash out under pressure. On the flip side Saturn – Mars can create opportunities for focused, long term action. So again, how we wave our wands about is important.

New Moon conjunct US Natal Venus & Jupiter.

If we know anything about Venus and Jupiter is that they’re the Greater & Lesser benefics of the sky. Working together with Jupiter being exhalted (a respected guest in Cancer’s sign that is afforded some power and nobility) the pairing promises abundance. There is no denying that the US is an abundant nation, especially when it comes to matters related to Cancer: natural resources, food & water supplies, farmland, real estate etc

There may be a renewal of energy and focus on what we have in abundance. Are we using what we have appropriately? Are resources fairly distributed? How is the economy impacted by the increasing frustration?

Transiting Mercury conjunct US Natal Venus & Jupiter :

Conversation, communication, emotional debates will be fast and furious over the next month. It’s unsurprising that the topic that sets the tone for the coming eclipses may be Health Care. Fittingly enough care & nurturing are themes that Cancer rules over, so we’re right on cue. Heated discussions (remember Mars is throwing gas on the fire) may lead to heated action should the Government ignore the cries of the People. Overall, the Government/Parliament & the King/President are not in good positions for the duration of this New Moon chart. Both Mars and Saturn, the two traditional malefics are in hard aspects to the Sun (President). I would pay special attention to his health & security for the duration of the summer.

There are a few possibilities with this chart that I can see coming about:

  1. The ACHA bill falls apart via lack of votes further frustrating and disempowering the ruling party. Exposing them to ridicule from both their supporters & their opponents.

  2. The bill pushes through and the country is ignited into a fury, complete with protests and possible violence at the blatant disregard shown by elected officials sworn to represent the People (The days leading up to the Full Moon in Capricorn are especially volatile)

  • 2B: there are signatures of a possible death/transition of a notable person. This could also be a stepping down from power & potential disgrace.

  1. The bill pushes through and the People do not react strongly enough to prevent its damaging effects.

As a rule New Moons last until the next New Moon occurs. We can look at the chart like a clock, each degree moving forward gives a sense of time.

Dates that stand out for me in terms of activity:

June 28-30th: may bring some shocking news that emboldens people to react quickly. 

July 9-12th: Issues with the courts, notable figure may transition out of power (Full Moon July 9th is especially hot & irritable, a red flag week!)

July 18-22nd: Another round of frustrations for Congress that may push them deeper into a corner with an irate populace holding pitchforks in hand.

Time will tell and we shall see how well we wave our wands around. Hopefully it won’t be too foolish!

Have thoughts, comments and additional insight? Feel free to drop a comment! 

7 Things That P*ss Me Off As An Astrologer

When I was a baby astrologer I couldn’t wait to get my hands on as many books, websites, vehicles of information as possible. My appetite for all things astrology & occult related was just about insatiable. Many library trips & scolding from my mother for tying up her phone line (I don’t miss dial up) was a small price to pay for the knowledge I sought.


Fast forward about 20 years & many things have changed. Mainly high speed internet, multiple social media platforms, a preponderance of astrology websites & tumblr pages and an unparalleled information search engine named Google. What hasn’t changed very much are the misconceptions & mistakes that people who are new to astrology as a deeper study and practice make. Below is my angsty mild ranty list of things that piss (or mildly annoy) me as an astrologer in the 21st Century.


    1. It’s astrologer, not astrologist: a pet peeve among many astrologers I know here in the states. There something about astrologist that just doesn’t sit right with us, it’s like nails on a chalkboard, it makes me grind my teeth ever so gently when I’m introduced as such. There may be a reason why it’s astrologer vs astrologist, I haven’t bothered to Google why. Just take my word for it when I say it’s astrologER not astrologIST. K,thanks.


  • 12 Signs = 12 Types of People: This was an argument on Bill Nye’s new show, guest starring one of my mentors & teachers Sam Reynolds. This seems to be the skeptics go- to argument about astrology. That somehow we’re breaking down complex personalities into 12 neat keyword boxes. I wish it was that simple but, alas, it’s not. The popularity of Sun Sign horoscopes during the latter half of the 20th century has led people to believe (or forget) that astrologers must take into account 10 major planets,12 houses, 4 major angles, 12 signs, and 5 major aspects when beginning to read and interpret astrology. So now I can’t tell you the “tea” about your entire life solely based on your Sun sign, but with your entire chart & some feedback from you, I can shape a pretty accurate picture. Makes sense?


    1. Born on the cusp: Nope you were not born on the cusp. When it comes to astrology, you either are or you aren’t. There’s no blending of signs. You’re not a Can-Leo or a Sagittaricorn. When it comes to being born close to the “cusp” it boils down to time. Time of birth determines whether your Sun, Moon and or rising are in one sign or another.(This goes for the other planets as well, but those 3, especially the Moon & Rising are the most time sensitive.) If you don’t know your birth time you can request a long form birth certificate or get your chart rectified based upon major events that have taken place in your life by a professional astrologer.


  • All Transits Matter!: No, no they don’t. Imagine if every single planet moving in the sky was a big deal for your chart, you’d be fried & exhausted from all the activity. If Pluto moving through Capricorn or Mercury in Cancer isn’t registering on your radar, maybe it’s just not a significant transit for your chart. That’s okay! Trust me, there will be plenty of transits, progressions, retrogrades, and eclipses that will be. You can relax while you track the heavens, remember that astrology is meant to be a tool. It allows us to see ahead to an extent into the future, get an idea of what to expect and gives clues as to how to prepare.

  • Woe is Me, tell me how horrible my chart is: For whatever reason a fair amount of astrology newbies seem to hate/ fear their natal charts. I kinda get it. When I was first studying astrology (and even sometimes now), reading the different interpretations of my natal chart left me feeling like I wanted it to be completely different, that the placements I had were either too boring or challenging. But here’s the thing: over time, with study, I realized that my chart is perfect for me. It reflects my past and shows me glimpses of my potential. Our natal charts are not set in stone, but are in the process of becoming through you. Environment gives us the material to start shaping our worlds via our families, culture, upbringing etc but free will allows you to decide how your chart and life unfolds. Choose empowerment. This is the chart chosen by you to do either great or terrible things in a lifetime. That thought alone is freeing.

  • The Chicken Little Syndrome: The idea that all hard transits are going to wreak havoc on our lives or that Mercury Retrograde is sure to kill you this time. The dramatic swoon onto your bed as Venus retrograde has all your ex lovers texting you “Hey big head.” The horror of it all! Stop it. Think of transits, lunations, and eclipses as perfectly timed drills to get you into shape for bigger challenges down the road. You want a life partner that you adore & worships the ground you walk but you can’t communicate your needs in a relationship, well maybe Venus Rx bringing back your old lovers is an opportunity to practice those communication skills. You want to be big shot boss in your field with tons of influence and power? Awesome, here comes Saturn & Pluto to grind you via hard lessons and a dash of crisis to see if you have what it takes to be a boss facing hard decision and crisis on a daily basis. Embrace the constant molding and teaching the planets are supplying you with. They’re here to help, not harm.

  • Using Astrology to Drag: Recently “dragging”, “reading” and/or “spilling tea” about the zodiac signs has become a thing. At first it was relatively harmless fun poking fun at the various flaws that all the signs have. There’s light and dark to all things so this isn’t my issue. My problem lies in this form of “astrology” being people’s introduction to the art. “ Gemini’s ain’t sh*t because they’re all two faced!” “Scorpios are always doing dirt, so you can never trust them not to cheat.” “Capricorns are all cold-hearted because all they want is power and money!” And on and on and on. This isn’t astrology, this is cruel caricature & on a bad day someone will read this and take it to heart in a way that may be damaging. Astrology is a VAST study. I don’t say that lightly. There are so many sub-studies whether it’s
  • Mundane
  • Vocational
  • Medical
  • Horary
  • Evolutionary
  • Traditional
  • Hellenistic

Those are just off the top of my head, but trust me when I say there are a lot more. What I’m saying is that astrology is a centuries old tool that can be used in so many ways to assist people in their life journey. I know of several psychotherapists who eventually studied astrology and now use it as a tool to support their clients while in session.

There are medical astrologers who have helped families plan for surgeries or help them figure out how serious a condition may or may not be, based upon their chart. Or how about Mundane Astrologers who help to predict social & political change/upheavals, wars & famines as well as times for peace & innovation?

Dragging may be great for a quick laugh, but repetitive shaming for the sake of clicks & entertainment is wack in my opinion. (Catch all of this Sagittarian judgement, fight me!)

Practicing Astrologers are under ethical demand to do no harm to their clients. We have to be responsible towards them & their well-being. We have to address their concerns while also hopefully providing both honest insight and practical tools to maneuver through difficult situations. It’s not a game.


Bonus: What does this mean if my Venus is in Ophiuchus ?: I literally don’t know anything about your chart unless it’s in front of my face and I’m being paid to interpret it. Why? Cuz reading charts takes time and work. Why? Cuz new books, workshops, conference & certifications cost money. Why? Cuz in the age of Google, Scribd, and Amazon you can literally find just about anything you could dream of concerning astrology in the blink of an eye. It’s AMAZING. Not all of it is great or even accurate (see point above) but the internet is filled with talented Astrologers who give so much wisdom for free, it’s nearly insulting not to at least do a Google search to find them. Curiosity can be a gift, let it guide you something that blows your mind.

P.S. Ophiuchus is not a thing and never will be. Don’t @ me.  

I’m running a sale til June 27th in honor of the Summer Solstice & the Sun’s Ingress into sensitive Cancer. Be sure to book a session and use code: SOLSTICE to take 30% off a reading of your choice!

5 Beginner Astrology Books To Help You Get Started

When I was first getting started on my astrology journey I was around 12 years old. AOL CDs coming in the mail were still a thing and I didn’t have a job;all I had was a school metrocard and two local libraries to visit freely. Despite this, I had a ton of fun researching online with slow dial up and spending hours on library floors reading whatever astrology related books I could get my hands on. It’s been a long time since then, and while this is  not a list of my most-loved books as a learner/beginner below you will find a short list which should be helpful to anyone who is beginning their astrology journey.


The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

This book won’t turn you into an astrologer overnight but it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to get the lay of the land. I remember picking this one up every time I would wander into a book store. Joanna covers the signs, planets, houses, rising signs and even has a few useful moon and ascendant tables. The book also includes famous people from each sign and a ton of beautiful artwork. This is a great coffee table book or one to keep near your bed when you want to casually learn a few things about astrology.


Sun Sign Astrology by Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman may be one of the most well known astrologers because of this particular book. Again, it will not turn you into an astrologer, but it will definitely make you laugh and nod your head at how perfectly (and perhaps shadily) she describes each of the sun signs, their motivations, their strengths and imperfections with a generous sense of humor and compassion. Linda also wrote another fabulous book called Love Signs where she matches the 12 signs into romantic pairings. Again neither of these books are comprehensive in terms of reading astrology charts but it’s a wonderful starting place to warm up to the study itself.


Astrology For The Soul by Jan Spiller

Definitely one of my favorite astrology books, but the focus is less on sun signs or even the houses and planets. Jan instead focuses on the nodes of the moon & delves deeply into each karmic lesson the north and south nodes bring while in each of the 12 signs and houses of the zodiac. Don’t know where your nodes are? Not to worry, tables are included to help you find your nodes and the nodes of your friends & loved ones. Be warned you may feel a little bit exposed after reading – , just know it’s all for your highest good!


The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

Ready to go a little bit deeper? Excellent! Steven & Jodie Forrest are a husband and wife astrology team who’ve dedicated themselves to writing and educating others on astrology. The Inner Sky recently joined my bookshelf and quickly became one of my favorites. Steven breaks down the signs, planets, houses, angles in such a poetic fashion that pushes you to think about astrology with nuance and complexity,outlining the connection between the earth, heavens and humanity. Steven goes beyond keywords and into actual storytelling to convey the messages behind astrology charts.


More book suggestions to come! If you use the links provided to purchase these books I get a few nickels too!

5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day 2016

The sky on Valentine’s Day looks grumpy this year with a irritable, cranky T-Square taking place between the Moon in sensual Taurus opposing passionate Mars in Scorpio both squared to the independent Sun in Aquarius. All 3 of these signs are FIXED meaning they’re not easily moved to change their minds and want their own way. If we’re not careful this could mean heated arguments with no clear winners but many hurt feelings.
Venus the goddess of love and romance is also feeling pressure from Uranus who is making us feeling like we need a change in scenery or a new lover altogether. I would vote to not make any sudden changes to your relationships during this holiday. You may want to put break ups or deeper commitments like engagements or marriages on hold until the skies are calmer, unless you’re into relationships that thrive on the aggressive and unexpected. As they say, some like it hot!
For those of us who are splendidly single this Valentine’s Day, this is a great night to enjoy love and affection with close friends. Valentine’s Day falls during Aquarius season which isn’t a sign known for being especially romantic, that’s more Pisces domain. However Aquarius does value the love that arises from community especially when it’s with those who support us in fulfilling our wishes and dreams. So don’t let the hearts and roses keep you away from enjoying the day with people who love you!

Here are some tips to celebrate the day successfully

Practical As Sexy 

Much like Christmas, with Jupiter in Virgo ruling much of the sky, go for practical yet meaningful gifts. The sky will be earthy with Venus in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus craving tangible, sensible expressions of affection.
Find ways to show affection in useful ways. What does your loved one NEED?
Can you pay my bills, can you you pay my telephone bills? A paid bill can be just as sexy as a bouquet of roses or an expensive bottle of wine. Nothing says “I love you” like a oil change or a monthly metrocard or even running errands for your over scheduled love. Remember with Earth signs, it can be the little things that add up to something more. Showing love isn’t always about grand romantic gestures, it can also be making sure the dishes are washed and the apartment is cleaned. If you can’t think of anything, simply ask your partner what would make their life easier and see if you can deliver a valentine’s day miracle for them.

Sensual Healing

With so much Earth in the sky and a sensual Taurus moon, consider a healing date whether as a couple, solo or with friends. I personally love spa days, a day spent at the sauna in herbal hot baths, deep tissue massages, the works! If you really want to take advantage of the healing energy being provided by Mars in Scorpio opposite the Moon you can go as deep as a colonic (Jupiter in Virgo would probably appreciate it, but that kind of cleaning is best saved for spring) Other options include energy work like reiki, acupuncture or even sound healings. Anything that brings balance to the physical and spiritual bodies will be a bonus this Valentine’s Day

Indulge in the 5 senses
If you absolutely must have a traditional romantic Valentine’s celebration then there can be no half stepping. The energy of the sky demands that the five senses be pleased to the highest extent. Indulge the Moon with the finest of wines and chocolates, the best live music, the most exquisite dining experience, wear your best outfit and prepare to be physically expressive. With Venus in Capricorn ruling the Moon keeping the style of the night extra old school and traditional will work in your favor.  If you can’t do this out on the town, recreate it at home. Jupiter, Venus and the Moon will appreciate the planned effort as a sign of love.

Sweat It Out
With such tense energy circulating between the Sun, Moon and Mars one of the best ways to diffuse the energy is to burn it off physically. We tend to feel prickly and argumentative when Mars picks a fight with the lights. Instead of bickering and fussing with your partner, point the energy into something physical. Go to an all night dance party where you’re guaranteed to sweat. Get physically creative, go toward Leo creative expression to help balance the tense T-Square energy. Arts and crafts like pottery, painting or even going to a play or ballet can be a great date to share together. If all else fails good old fashion love making will satisfy. Be mindful that this chart is especially fertile, so if babies aren’t on your radar, prepare accordingly!

Make A Plan For The Future
Not interested in blowing money on one day this year? That’s cool, this chart leaves room for deeper expressions of love like long term planning. Earth energy loves to seed itself by investing in a vision for the future. While you cuddle up with your lover talk about what your vision is for your journey together. Make it tangible by writing it down and signing both of your names on the dotted line with love. Check back next Valentine’s Day to see how your vision manifested.


How are you planning to spend your Valentine’s Day this year? Leave a comment below!

Make The Best of The New Moon In Capricorn

As New Year celebrations go we find ourselves entering 2016 on a surprisingly muted note. You can thank Jupiter in Virgo who guides the majority of the heavens as we enter the new year. We may find ourselves asking what’s the point of making resolutions if we never commit to them? If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions or intentions that seem to feel hollow do not fret, thankfully we have a serious yet creativity inspiring Capricorn New Moon approaching on the evening of January 9th to help recalibrate our compasses on our destined north star.


After the festivities of the holidays have faded away, we look at the New Year with as much hope as we do pessimism. Once the newness of 2016 wears off will we fall back into the same patterns we’ve resolved to leave behind because they’re familiar? Do we even know what our hearts want from us anymore? Do our ambitions really fill us up with personal joy, or are we doing them for the sake of doing them because it’s the expectation?


What do you really want for yourself?


Throw out some keywords about the sign of Capricorn and usually the first you’ll hear are: ambition, status, conservative, powerful & ruthless. Those can easily describe Capricorn’s shadow if she’s not careful about why she seeks glory. Rarely heard is Capricorn’s true guiding light: Integrity.


Under this coming New Moon, find your integrity. Put to rest what you think you should want for yourself under the watchful eyes of family, friends & society at large. Instead connect to what you & you alone desire in your deepest of hearts. If you can, do this alone to keep your energy clear of the desires of others around you. Connect fully to your own heart rhythm and listen to what she says.


Carve out some time as the moon wanes to make this an enjoyable process.

The New Moon will join Pluto & Mercury in the 5th house of pleasure & joys. What makes you happy? Typically seeking happiness is what drives us in our ambition to succeed. It’s the expectation that in achieving what we desire that we will find happiness. But in reality its the reverse. Achieve happiness first and success quickly follows.

Take this opportunity to sit in solitude while doing (or not doing) activities that give you happiness. Align with yourself sense of integrity (and no one else’s) Color, dance, play music, meditatie, draw tarot cards, watch your favorite films & see how deeply you can align to the resonant chord of your soul and then start setting your intentions.


With 80% of planets below the horizon, shrouded in darkness and Mercury & Jupiter retrograde this new moon will be particularly introspective. Our minds will be turned inward as well as our sense of faith. Trust that even though the outward expressions of change aren’t visible, things are happening deep beneath the surface. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge what no longer works, be brave in discarding what isn’t in alignment anymore.


Jupiter in Virgo is also tied to North Node of Destiny, asking us to put serious faith in the path that we’re taking. Get serious about your purpose here on earth, know that the only way to get better at what you want to do is with practice. Stay in integrity with your heart as you set your intentions.


Try this out for size while writing ( or drawing, dancing, singing, or meditating) out your intentions:


It is my intention to ____________ because it fills me with feelings of _____________ and those feelings keep me aligned to my integrity.


If you need more structure in your intention setting, draft a blueprint of what actualizing your intention would look like from the ground up. Start from the base of the mountain by drafting simple steps you can do on a daily basis to achieve your vision. Infuse it with something fun to give yourself steam to keep chugging along.


Above all pace yourself, if there’s one lesson Capricorn teaches us, it’s patience. If you can dream it you can be it. Allow it to unfurl joyously for you. Enjoy each step on your way to the mountain top.


Wishing You New Year & New Moon Success