3 Ways To Rock Mercury In Sagittarius

Welcome to Mercury in Sagittarius!


The messenger of the heavens is being shot like an arrow out of the the emotional yet keenly perceptive depths of Scorpio for the mountain tops of Sagittarius where he can see everything for miles around. Seeing the big picture is Mercury in Sagittarius’ domain. He likes to think big (what does it all mean? why am I here? what is my purpose?) and talk big (exaggerate & speak without all the facts ) but mostly he just wants to expand his worldview through experiencing what is unfamiliar to him. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler, the eternal student & the wise philosopher, to Sagittarius the world & its people is where he learns about the mysteries of the Universe.

This year Mercury will be interacting heavily with some major planetary players. Here are some tips to make the best of his travels.


Think Seriously

Mercury conjuncts Saturn (Nov. 20th – Dec 2nd)

Exact on Nov.25th


Wherever we find Saturn we find the authority figure.He is the planet that asks us to grow up & become an authority figure for ourselves. However in order to become an authority, we must learn to master our fears or better yet, learn to work with discipline even in the face of being frightened. When Mercury in Sagittarius joins with Saturn we will be asked to master our belief systems, philosophies as well as our communication. How much of what we think and say is based in disciplined experience that moves past fearful preconceived notions versus what is rooted in fear based fanatical ideology?

This combination can swing toward deep thoughtfulness that produces insightful solutions or fear based fanaticism that is difficult to sway toward reason. Sagittarius can represent the “foreigner” from a distant land bringing with him his religion, language, food & customs., to some this may be a delightful or a dreaded visitor.

It’s not unusual that in current world affairs we are facing fears and putting up barriers toward people we deem to be ‘foreign’. Choose the higher essence of this combination by examining your own fearful thinking, where you feel frightened to speak up, where your philosophies need to be revised and how your insights can lead to helpful solutions.

Stay Woke

Mercury square Neptune (Nov. 20th – Dec. 3rd)

Exact on Nov.25th


When Neptune touches another planet he tends to throw a veil of fog over their natural function. Veils can be mystifying and alluring, pulling us to experience our world as romantic and whimsical  as we forget about the harsher less appealing aspects of what’s before us. The flip side of Neptune’s veil is complete distortion of the truth. With Neptune and Mercury facing off we’ll be challenged to not get lost in the reverie of whatever information is being disseminated to us. Under this influence be sure to double check, if not triple check everything. (As I write this, I locked myself out of my apartment after forgetting my keys on my dresser. Neptune is sitting on my natal Mercury.)  Forgetfulness, foggy headedness can be an issue under this aspect. Mercury under Neptune’s spell has a hard time filtering out all of the extra-sensory input which can either lead to confusion or a heightened awareness of one’s immediate environment.

Neptune’s touch can dissolve barriers making intuitive and telepathic exchanges more readily possible. On a global scale, information can be distorted and manipulated to fit a sensational narrative that can look a lot like propaganda

Rock this transit by going to the higher octave of Mercury-Neptune: use heightened imagination and perception creatively, music & creative writing is favored under this influence.Use your words to heal rather than misguide.


Stay Grounded

Mercury squares Jupiter (Nov. 27th – Dec 10th)

Exact on Dec. 4th

Who doesn’t love getting carried away with the excitement of ideas? Mercury in Sagittarius totally does, but while you’re out there envisioning the best possible outcome, expounding on your beliefs about world politics and the like, try to remain grounded in some of the details. Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is currently uncomfortable in earthy Virgo (Mercury’s natural home sign next to Gemini) who happens to really enjoy dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s.


Make sure to back up those big ideas with concrete plans or else it’s nothing but hot air. Mercury will come to square Jupiter which can lead to promising more than he can deliver, communicating carelessly & glibly to the wrong people and making mountains out of molehills.

Make the best use of this interaction by studying or analyzing your beliefs with Virgoan enthusiasm to see if they hold up under scrutiny. You can also put your abstract philosophies to work through charitable service, something both Sagittarius and Virgo can get behind.

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