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5 Jupiter In Virgo Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays!


As we enter the last weeks of the year we officially feel the warmth of abundant Sagittarius Season. The term eat, drink & be merry seems to match the energy of Sagittarius who only wishes to expand & bring good cheer wherever he goes.


This makes sense of course since Sagittarius’ patron planet is Jupiter also know as Zeus, King of the Heavens, the largest planet in our solar system!  Jupiter in the skies shows us how to be optimistic, abundant, generous & confident. He’s the cosmic Santa Claus who rains down sweeping energy wherever he goes. Keep in mind that Jupiter does not discern between positive or negative, that’s not his immediate concern. His main goal is to amplify and enlarge whatever he touches.


This year however Jupiter finds himself in a sign that he generally can’t stand: Virgo. Virgo is the antithesis of all the things Jupiter represents. Where Jupiter wishes to expand and multiply, Virgo wishes to edit and simplify. Where Jupiter wants to feel optimistic, Virgo scans with practical cynicism. To say that this is an unnatural fit would be an understatement. Jupiter in Virgo will be guiding this holiday season with a steady practical hand. Virgo will rein in Jupiter’s need to go too big & too hard with a more measured, useful response to gift giving & celebrating. Here are some tips to make the best of Jupiter in Virgo while you shop & make plans to finish off 2015.


Keep Gift Giving Sensible

Extravagant gifts with little purpose won’t be favored this year. Jupiter in Virgo is more concerned with gifts that make sense. While you shop whether its for food or for gifts, keep in mind what would best serve.


Virgo loves to be of service, finding exactly what is needed in a particular moment. So maybe buy a little less for the big holiday meal because you know the leftovers tend of go to waste and you’re trying to cut back on extra calories to meet your new body goals (Virgo rules diets & health regimes). Buy a few more socks, sweaters & mittens because you know winter is going to be bitterly cold.

Maybe you’ve heard someone mentioning they needed new tires or an oil change, or a new set of dishes or pots and pans. Keep your senses attuned to what your loved ones say they need as opposed what they think they want.

* Want to be super efficient in your shopping? Simply ask loved ones to create their top 5 wishlist (Amazon comes to mind). This will take the guesswork out of the process while making sure their needs are met.

* Go a step further with practical gift cards that allow them to buy exactly what they need.


Keep It Clean

Virgo is the master analyst, she’s great at assessing what is needed versus what isn’t. Remember Virgo is the sign that marks the beginning of the harvest season. After a raucous summer she turns her mind toward what’s needed to get through the colder harsher months ahead.

Nothing screams winter like cold and flu season. It’s almost a guarantee that the sniffles will visit upon a household, so why not get ahead of it with some stocking stuffers to keep everyone’s immune system up to snuff. Virgo is also an adept healer who is concerned with keeping the body in glowing health.

Some great gifts could run along the lines of herbal teas & tinctures, humidifiers, air purifiers, essential oil sprays & natural hand sanitizers.

*Take it a step further by booking spa days, acupuncture sessions, massages or even gym memberships. Anything to keep the mind-body connection balanced as we enter the darker days of winter.


Get Organized

It may not sound exciting or glamorous, but another gift that would totally suit Jupiter In Virgo’s style is to offer to help loved ones get organized. Notebooks to jot down notes, premium apps and gadgets to keep information streamlined, gifting them a financial planner, or maybe a coach to help them hit a certain goal they’ve been dreaming about for some time. You could even offer to help them tackle that closet filled with clothes they never wear or that drawer that’s overflowing with old papers.

*Go super Virgo, by sending unneeded clothes, shoes, and books to the nearest thrift store, salvation army, or used bookstore so it can go on to be of use to someone else. A win-win for everyone!


Hand-make it with Love

Not interested in spending a great deal this holiday season? Why not go handmade? If you have a flair for creating things Jupiter in Virgo appreciates the effort & care that goes into thoughtfully creating a custom piece with someone in mind. Pure intention can really elevate a simple gift into a magical space.

*Not feeling tremendously crafty? That’s alright, there are tons of wonderfully talented artists & craftsman for you to choose from all over the country. Try getting into the #BlackOnBlackFriday #blackowned #buyblack hashtags on social media platforms to explore.


Go Gift-less

If there was ever a year to go giftless this would be it. Jupiter in Virgo will attune our spirits to the real meaning of service. True service can be an act of love. When we heighten our senses to pay attention our loved ones and communities we instinctively know how to show that we care by providing acts of service big or small.

When we selflessly give of ourselves,, energetically we receive back what has been given. Consider volunteering at local soup kitchens, shelters, orphanages and senior centers. Donate to your favorite charity, or offer to gift something special to those who are often forgotten during the holiday season.


May your holiday season be heartfelt and bright.


Full Moon In Gemini: Dreaming A Bit Bigger

Full Moon In Gemini


The Gemini Full Moon that arrives on the east coast at 5:44pm is a doozy. It’s supremely busy with several active T-Squares ( 3 or more planets fighting with each other) and is being ruled by Mercury who is currently tussling heavily with Saturn and Neptune with Jupiter soon to follow.


If you’re feeling a bit fried, tired or overwhelmed, please know that you’re not alone. When the sky is this active, mere mortals like ourselves tend to feel it on some level. If you’re a mutable darling like myself (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) you’re acutely sensitive to the heavens right now. Cardinal dears too (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) are also a bit stressed with the current planetary activity. Take a deep breath and let’s discuss what this Full Moon is asking of us and how to best handle the challenge.


You Mustn’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger Darling’


With the Moon in Gemini hanging out in the 12th house of dreams & undoings, we find ourselves feeling a little frayed and scattered. There’s an overwhelming emotional desire  to see, know, and experience.. If there are any fears building up around engaging your curiosity now is a good time to start putting those fears to the side.


Curiosity is what leads to expansion and growth if we allow to flourish. Moon in Gemini is attuned to dreaming up brilliant ideas while she’s hidden away in the 12th house. There is much for her to learn about her repressed dreams & fantasies, allow her to drift a bit while she gathers useful intuitive information, she’s playing an important role in doing so.


On the other end of Gemini Moon’s scattered reverie are Sun, Mercury and Saturn all hard at work in Virgo’s natural house of dedicated routine. You can imagine that expansive Sagittarius energy is a bit irritated about having to report in for work each day, where’s the fun in that?

The trick is to commit our expansive viewpoints into a daily effort. The dream that you’re gathering with Moon in Gemini is being translated into an aspiration worth working on by Sagittarius in the 6th House.


When a dream is married to its work, a dream quickly becomes a reality


Neptune at the top of the chart is fueling the vision with his mystical fog. We don’t know where the path is leading just yet but it doesn’t matter. Keep plugging away at the dream everyday. People may think your it’s crazy  unrealistic and naive ideal, but that’s none of your business, keep moving anyway.


When working with T-Sqaures like this one, think of it as a table that’s missing a leg. There’s a lot of wobble happening, it needs another leg to create stability and structure. In this case the missing leg is Virgo, with Jupiter in tow to provide guidance.


Virgo’s answer to life is to work at it, analyze the situation and create a plan of action to steadily work towards. Between now and the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11th, commit to an activity that brings your dream closer to tangible earthy reality. Break it down into actionable parts and soon, before your very eyes it begins to take form.

Make sure you make room for it in your life. Virgo loves a clean efficient space to work in. Clear out the clutter in your mind, in your home, or wherever it is that you’ll be creating. Siphon off the excess energy created by the mutable T-Square into daily routines that support efficient work & progress. Write down the clever ideas that emerge in dreamtime thanks to Moon in Gemini, connect to your aspirations and ideals from the Sagittarius Trio and steadily build the dream brick by brick with Jupiter in Virgo’s help. You’re creating a new foundation, make sure it’s solid.


Find Inspiration


The Cardinal T-Square is working on breaking up and breaking down stagnant relationships, associations, wishes and creative endeavours. Boldly pair with powerful, ambitious & serious people, be inspired by the artistic creativity that you see as well as by the risk taking revolutionaries. This Full Moon dares us to go on a journey, to push past fears and outdated ways of thinking and being.

It can be a lot to cope with, being reborn. To balance this T-Square use Cancerian sensitivity to protect yourself and  your burgeoning new identity and dream. Cancer’s hard outer shell will protect the still soft interior from the harsh world. Feel free to retreat while keeping your senses aware of your surroundings. Daydreams & visions will feed the soul while you continue the daily work.


Never fear brave soul, you have everything within you to create something magical. Have a Happy Full Moon!


3 Ways To Rock Mercury In Sagittarius

Welcome to Mercury in Sagittarius!


The messenger of the heavens is being shot like an arrow out of the the emotional yet keenly perceptive depths of Scorpio for the mountain tops of Sagittarius where he can see everything for miles around. Seeing the big picture is Mercury in Sagittarius’ domain. He likes to think big (what does it all mean? why am I here? what is my purpose?) and talk big (exaggerate & speak without all the facts ) but mostly he just wants to expand his worldview through experiencing what is unfamiliar to him. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler, the eternal student & the wise philosopher, to Sagittarius the world & its people is where he learns about the mysteries of the Universe.

This year Mercury will be interacting heavily with some major planetary players. Here are some tips to make the best of his travels.


Think Seriously

Mercury conjuncts Saturn (Nov. 20th – Dec 2nd)

Exact on Nov.25th


Wherever we find Saturn we find the authority figure.He is the planet that asks us to grow up & become an authority figure for ourselves. However in order to become an authority, we must learn to master our fears or better yet, learn to work with discipline even in the face of being frightened. When Mercury in Sagittarius joins with Saturn we will be asked to master our belief systems, philosophies as well as our communication. How much of what we think and say is based in disciplined experience that moves past fearful preconceived notions versus what is rooted in fear based fanatical ideology?

This combination can swing toward deep thoughtfulness that produces insightful solutions or fear based fanaticism that is difficult to sway toward reason. Sagittarius can represent the “foreigner” from a distant land bringing with him his religion, language, food & customs., to some this may be a delightful or a dreaded visitor.

It’s not unusual that in current world affairs we are facing fears and putting up barriers toward people we deem to be ‘foreign’. Choose the higher essence of this combination by examining your own fearful thinking, where you feel frightened to speak up, where your philosophies need to be revised and how your insights can lead to helpful solutions.

Stay Woke

Mercury square Neptune (Nov. 20th – Dec. 3rd)

Exact on Nov.25th


When Neptune touches another planet he tends to throw a veil of fog over their natural function. Veils can be mystifying and alluring, pulling us to experience our world as romantic and whimsical  as we forget about the harsher less appealing aspects of what’s before us. The flip side of Neptune’s veil is complete distortion of the truth. With Neptune and Mercury facing off we’ll be challenged to not get lost in the reverie of whatever information is being disseminated to us. Under this influence be sure to double check, if not triple check everything. (As I write this, I locked myself out of my apartment after forgetting my keys on my dresser. Neptune is sitting on my natal Mercury.)  Forgetfulness, foggy headedness can be an issue under this aspect. Mercury under Neptune’s spell has a hard time filtering out all of the extra-sensory input which can either lead to confusion or a heightened awareness of one’s immediate environment.

Neptune’s touch can dissolve barriers making intuitive and telepathic exchanges more readily possible. On a global scale, information can be distorted and manipulated to fit a sensational narrative that can look a lot like propaganda

Rock this transit by going to the higher octave of Mercury-Neptune: use heightened imagination and perception creatively, music & creative writing is favored under this influence.Use your words to heal rather than misguide.


Stay Grounded

Mercury squares Jupiter (Nov. 27th – Dec 10th)

Exact on Dec. 4th

Who doesn’t love getting carried away with the excitement of ideas? Mercury in Sagittarius totally does, but while you’re out there envisioning the best possible outcome, expounding on your beliefs about world politics and the like, try to remain grounded in some of the details. Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is currently uncomfortable in earthy Virgo (Mercury’s natural home sign next to Gemini) who happens to really enjoy dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s.


Make sure to back up those big ideas with concrete plans or else it’s nothing but hot air. Mercury will come to square Jupiter which can lead to promising more than he can deliver, communicating carelessly & glibly to the wrong people and making mountains out of molehills.

Make the best use of this interaction by studying or analyzing your beliefs with Virgoan enthusiasm to see if they hold up under scrutiny. You can also put your abstract philosophies to work through charitable service, something both Sagittarius and Virgo can get behind.

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I made the instructional video below to walk you through creating an account with them + how to create a new natal chart. Knowing how to quickly draw up a natal chart will come in handy when you following along in any astrology discussion

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Happy stargazing!


New Moon In Scorpio: Aligning With Your Passion

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!

This particular New Moon has overtones of releasing emotional & physical clutter as Scorpio is so skilled at doing, but also of honoring our unique strengths & focusing them down into a powerful laser beam of potent energy.

With eccentric Aquarius rising at the time of the New Moon, our outward vision is focused through the lens of visionary Aquarius.

Are you being authentic or are you conforming to the crowd? Are you playing it safe? Aquarius holds the freedom to be exactly who they are at the top of their priority list. When Aquarius finds themselves going along to get along, life loses its meaning. They become robotic in their everyday responses, losing their sense of inspired idealism. This is what we’re eliminating under this New Moon.

The time has arrived to let go of the soul numbing conformity and align deeply with your passion as shown by Scorpio while allowing Virgo to push us to work quietly and diligently to attain our vision.


Uranus, Aquarius’s ruler is in innovative & courageous Aries where he’s been since 2011 creating youth driven revolutions around the world, breaking up old paradigms and infusing the world with fresh inspired vision for the future.. Presently Uranus is retrograde (appearing backwards in the sky) meaning his revolutionary energy is turned  inward where its compressing while building momentum, clarity & strength. Remember energy doesn’t always need to be seen in order to be felt.

Look to your natal chart to see where Uranus is currently sitting & demanding changes to be made. He’s the focus point for this New Moon as he not only commands the chart, but also creates the apex behind the Finger of Fate (Yod) in the sky with the Sun and Moon in passionate Scorpio sextile to Jupiter in discriminating Virgo.


What is a Yod or Finger of Fate/God?

The Finger of Fate is a astrological configuration usually between 3 or more planets that looks like an isosceles triangle.  At the base of the triangle are two sets of planets creating what we call a sextile or a flowing or easy aspect consisting of 60° between the two sets of planets.

Sextiles create ease of communication between planets. They have a certain aptitude in working together, between them lies skill and opportunity.

Joining the sextile is an aspect called a quincunx which connects to the sextile by 150°.  A quincunx is not quite as conflicted in energy as say a direct opposition or a square, instead it creates irritation and friction. It nags at us just enough to spurn us into action.

Together this configuration allows for the easy flow of skilled energy in the sky to be motivated and focused down into a point, to take fated action. Here we take advantage of our skills and put it to work to move us along our fated path.


Making The New Moon Work For You

So what are you moved to take action on now that you’ve cleaned out your emotional closets? What fear has Scorpio presented to you that you are now ready to release and move forward toward your destiny?

Scorpio asks us to align with our passion, here we connect with our deeper more potent emotions to find our way in the dark. What fills us with fear is also what can fill us with joy. Typically it is our fear that shows us where our work is to be done, there lies our joy underneath the rubble. Virgo shows us our ability to be dedicated to our work. We’re willing to dig in and stick with something until we refine it to its purest state of being.

This New Moon is asking us to align with and work with our passion, cultivate our skills and shoot it down to Uranus who will use the energy to break new ground in our lives. Be willing to stand in your unique and seemingly unusual way of living and being… its what makes you, you. The work that you’re passionate about is the work that you came down here to do.

Look to your Scorpio, Virgo, Aries and Aquarius houses to see where your fate is taking you. Planets and angles at and around 19° will be activated by this energy, they too will shed light on your way forward.

Transformative Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in diligent Virgo are sending earthy support to the Sun-Moon connection in Scorpio. Pluto will help add a healthy dose of authority & power to your backbone. Be a boss about your vision and the work you seek to do. Who else is going to do it if not you? Mars in Virgo will fuel you to keep working, creating to do lists, planning, refining, and editing. Take advantage of Mars while he’s focused in Virgo, he moves into diplomatic & indecisive Libra on November 12th at 4:40pm EST


Talk to me about your New Moon in Scorpio experiences! Use the comment section to share your unique story or find me on Twitter @JChiron18


I wish you an inspired and ground breaking New Moon in Scorpio. Release. Align. Dare To Be Unique.


– Janelle
Need help figuring out how this New Moon is affecting you? Schedule a reading with me where we can discuss your chart’s individual journey.